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Guide Prices

Each alteration is assessed individually. The following list of services are a guide for indication purposes.

Shorten Plain   from 9.00
Lengthen false hem   from 8.00
Taper leg   from 16.00
Waist reduce or let out   from 12.00
Pocket   from 8.00
Re-seat   from 15.00
Relined   from 30.00
Repair pocket edge   from 8.00

Dresses & Skirts
Shorten Plain   from 10.00
Lengthen false   from 12.00
Reduce side seam   from 16.00
New waist elastic   from 12.00
Relined   from 25.00
Hand finished hem/re hem   from 5.00
Take in under arm   from 12.00

Jackets and Coats
Shorten plain sleeves   from 15.00
Lengthen sleeves false hem   from 16.00
Shorten Jacket   from 20.00
Shorten coat   from 25.00
Side seams take in/let out   from 25.00
Narrow lapels   from 25.00
Double to single breasted   from 50.00
Relining jacket   from 50.00
Elbow patches/shoulder pads   from 8.00

Jeans/trousers/skirts   from 10.00
Dress   from 13.00
Invisible zips   from 10.00
Anorak zips up to 22"   from 15.00
Anorak zips up to 26"   from 18.00

Shorten length   from 18.00
Shorten sleeve cuffs   from 14.00
From long to short sleeves   from 8.00

Leather/Suede/Velvet alterations undertaken

Curtains please ask for quotation